Workouts For Women: A New List!

Workouts For Women: A New List

Workouts for women is extremely beneficial, it is very important to try out a new exercise and challenge your body on a daily basis. Even though exercises should be performed on a regular basis, there are no rules to make you perform the same set of workouts. You can plan a different set for different days. However, you need to understand that lunges, pushups, and squats are the best exercises that should be included in any workout routine.

But it is also important to change your workout plans at least once in 4 weeks. This helps in avoiding the boredom, plateaus, and it will also help in speeding up the fat loss.

Workouts For Women

Let’s look into some of the best exercises that you should include in your workout routine.

Workouts For Women: A New List
Workouts For Women: A New List!

Mountain Climber And Swiss Ball

Even though this is considered to be one of the simplest exercises. However, it is very effective when it comes to tightening your tummy. This exercise does not demand much of your time and you need not even move any of your muscles.

  • Be in the pushup position and keep your arms completely straight.
  • Now keep your hands on the Swiss ball but not on the floor.
  • Make sure that the body is in a straight line.
  • Throughout the whole exercise, you need to keep your core tight.
  • Try to lift one foot with your knee and move it towards your chest as much as possible.
  • Do the same thing with another leg as well.

Hip Raise

These exercises strengthen your Gluteal muscles since it majorly focuses on the rear end of your body. So, this is a very effective exercise if you are looking for one that flattens your belly. Remember, when glutes are weak, automatically the pelvis tilts forward. This is the worst condition that will put high stress on your lower back. Along with that, it has negative effects on the tummy and makes it stick out even though there is no fat.

  • Lie on your back and try to bend your knees.
  • Keep your feet in a flat position on the floor.
  • After that, you need to squeeze your glutes and brace the core.
  • Raise your hips and create a straight line with your body.
  • Be in this position for at least 3-5 seconds and then come back to the original posture.


However, it is a good idea to hold some weight on one part of the body. If you are planning to put more stress on your core, this will also help in making the body more stable. Hence, always remember that abs and hips need to be trained harder to achieve greater balance. The best part of this exercise is along with gaining all these benefits, it also helps in burning calories.

  • Hold dumbbell using your right hand, near the shoulder.
  • Keep your arm in a bent posture.
  • Next, step your left leg forward.
  • Try to lower your body and be in a position where your right knee is bent and at 90 –degrees.
  • At this point make sure that the left knee touches the floor.
  • Now go back to the original position and try the same with the other leg.
Workouts For Women: A New List
Workouts For Women: A New List!

These are some of the best exercises that should be included in your workout routine for improving your body.

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