Turk Get-Ups: Not Just For Painters

turkish get ups

For this exercise, we will be taking a Turkish get-up and adding an overhead carry with it. This is a great way to work on shoulder stability as well as trunk strength and stability through rotation.

The Turkish get-up is a great way to work on shoulder stability and strength through rotation, trunks strength, and stability.

Different Things

The Turkish get-up itself works your shoulders and trunk to do a lot of different things: you have abduction, extension, flexion, external rotation moving up into flexion, internal rotation moving into extension. This is all one big kinetic chain that works together to get you up on your feet.

To add an overhead carry, start in the same way you would for a Turkish get-up; bring the weight to your chest and sit back while simultaneously pressing it up.

Slide Forward 

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You will then want to start to walk; keep your shoulder pulled back and do not let it slide forward. If the weight starts to fall out in front of you, make sure that your shoulders are externally rotated (shoulder blades pulled together) and try walking with a wider stride. The key here is keeping tension in the upper body. You can really feel this when the weight starts to fall forward.

Then walk, pulling your shoulder blades together and keeping them tight. Do not let them slide out forward.

Once you have gone as far as you can, walk back to your starting position. If this is too difficult, you can make it easier by starting in more of a half-kneeling position and then standing up into the get-up. A great trick for some people is to start with doing an overhead carry one side at a time while keeping the weight in the same hand throughout.

Proper Range Of Motion

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This will help you learn to keep your shoulder stable and developed through a proper range of motion. It is also a great way to work on trunk stability, not just glute activation. This is an exercise that will work all of these things at once with a single movement!

Another great thing about adding an overhead carry to Turkish get-ups is that it exposes any weaknesses you may have around the shoulder. If you let your shoulder slide forward, this will be apparent immediately due to the weight shifting in front of you.

This is one great exercise that can help expose all those issues with your shoulders that no amount of foam rolling or mobility work can accomplish. If you can get up with the weight, adding this exercise on top of your Turkish get-up is a great way to improve strength and stability throughout your upper body.

If you really want to push your shoulders, though, you can do a single-arm overhead carry. This adds another level of instability and forces your body to work throughout the range of motion with a single arm. You will notice that this is more difficult but it is great for working stability through the whole shoulder girdle.

Final Verdict

With all of this hard work, your shoulders will be able to handle anything you throw at them in the gym. It can also help with many different sports if done correctly.

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