Senior Fitness Tips That You Can Share With Your Elders To Make Them Happy

senior fitness tips

Fitness is related to a person’s physical and mental health. Therefore everyone can be and should be concerned about their fitness. It is good to be careful about your health, and being fit is very important for good health. Even if you want to shape your body at any age, it is totally fine. Because it is never too late to look good or look the way you want to be, and you should never let others tell you otherwise, but some senior fitness tips can be very helpful. As senior citizens, there are some restrictions that you should follow because, after a certain age, your body does not support you like before.

Senior Fitness Tips – Start slow

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It is quite obvious but also very important to understand that your body is not the same as it was when you were 25, and it has a different way of moving. It becomes slower than before. You should respect your body and its tolerance and do not force things on it. When you start a new fitness program, give your body a break and rest it wants. You do not need to do it every day. You can dedicate some days of a week to your new fitness routine. Your body will adapt to it and gradually build from there. It is one of the most important senior fitness tips.

Incorporate resistance training

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According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over the age of 70, less than eight percent of adults are advised for 150 minutes of workout weekly so that they can get their heart rate up. Resistance training is a very good idea to strengthen your muscles and keep your bones healthy and strong. There are different options for resistance exercises, such as push-ups primarily concentrating on arms, shoulders, abs, and chest, squats primarily focusing on legs and thighs, planks that help enhance balance, and hip bridges for lower body strengthening. These kinds of senior fitness tips are not much talked about.

Senior Fitness Tips – Having a full nutrition diet

Exercise can do wonders to your body, and it can help you get to the shape you desire. But if you do not eat well, everything goes to the vein because proper nutrition intake ensures your body’s strength. People giving senior fitness tips always advise them to eat well. We should involve fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains in our everyday diet. Food contributes a lot to a healthy body.


Please take a doctor’s advice on senior fitness tips. Because a doctor understands your body and its tolerance very well, some of the basic senior fitness tips can be quite helpful. If you are not trained with how to establish fitness tips with people, then it is advised to consult with the nutritionist or any physician to understand how the particular senior can become fit. General exercises and yoga could always be prescribed to the seniors. However, it would be wise to have a master checkup done and then, they can start exercising and doing yoga to keep themselves fit and happy.

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