Kicking It With The Best Kickboxing Workout Gear

kickboxing workout gear

From gloves, shorts, head gear, and more it doesn’t get much more kickboxing than that. There is, however, one more piece of kickboxing workout gear that you may not have heard about.

Choke holds are a crucial piece of kickboxing workout gear. If you don’t know what a choke hold is then most of the world knows it. A hold is used to keep your opponent from getting out from underneath you and putting you at a serious physical disadvantage. It is the basis of all sorts of chokes and is used in just about every type of kickboxing martial art. There are several different types of choke holds available, and all of them are important to learn and master.

A Wrist Lock

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The first type of kickboxing workout gear that we’ll discuss is a wrist lock. A wrist lock is a hold that is used in combination with an arm lock. It requires a good deal of coordination between your wrists and your arms to be effective. It forces your opponents to make contact with your hands or arms in some way, which is how it causes your opponent to experience pain. There are two basic wrist locks, both of which can be used effectively. One is the traditional wrist lock and the other is the newer, more fluid version which is called the butterfly.

Another piece of kickboxing workout gear that you will want to have on hand is a pair of kickboxing gloves. These gloves provide protection to your knuckles from the strikes of your opponents as well as help you perform more difficult techniques with ease. Kickboxing gloves come in many varieties, such as those made of leather and canvas. They come in a variety of colors and are usually very comfortable. Leather gloves are by far the most popular, but canvas and neoprene both work great as well.

A Kickboxing Bag

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Another type of essential kickboxing workout gear is a kickboxing bag. A kickboxing bag is essentially the training mat; it’s the surface on which you do your kick boxing training. Bags come in a variety of different sizes, but they are usually made of a durable vinyl material to ensure that they can withstand the wear and tear of many years of continuous use.

Most kickboxing bags have handles on the side, which makes it easy to move them around, or for you to hold onto them while you are practicing. Another thing that you should have on hand at all times when working out is a kickboxing bag full of air.

Wearing A Strap

This helps to increase the intensity of your kick boxing workouts, because you will be able to feel the resistance from the bag when your legs are punching. This also gives your muscles a better workout overall. Kickboxing bags can be found in a wide range of prices, depending on the quality and the size. A few dollars extra can get you a good quality bag that will last you a while.

Other great additions to your kickboxing workout gear would be wrist straps. Kickboxing has been known to cause wrist injuries, so wearing a strap can help keep you safe. Wrist straps can be flimsy at times, so it’s important that you buy a good one that will stay on through the entire workout. Another accessory that is great to have is a pair of sweatpants. While they don’t exactly come in style with kickboxing, they still serve a very practical purpose throughout the workout, providing additional protection from getting hurt.

Final Words

All of the above mentioned workout gear is really quite necessary for a quality workout. With all of the gear that you need, you shouldn’t have any problems getting your kicks in. If you’re looking to kickbox, then you’re in the right place.

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