Kickboxing Workout DVD – 3 Main Components

kickboxing workout dvd

Did you know that a kickboxing workout DVD is not just for fitness buffs? Sure, many people did. The trouble was, which focused both on exercise videos and as workout instructional DVDs on, which only focused on cardio kickboxing. This post, however, is going to be focused on DVDs which can really help out those people starting out with kickboxing. The main focus in this article, however, is on kickboxing workout DVDs that can really help out those who are starting out with kickboxing.

Go Over The Different Kinds Of Kickboxing DVDs

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The first thing that I want to do in this kickboxing workout DVD review is go over the different kinds of kickboxing DVDs that are out there, so that you know which one to choose. A good example of these DVDs would be Cathe; a very well made and entertaining DVD. The first kickboxing workout DVD that we’re going to look at is called Top 10 Knockouts, and the DVD focuses on various top ten knockouts from different fighters throughout the years.

With that being said, lets move onto another kickboxing workout DVD which is called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Theutra of Soaring Low. This DVD focuses on all things Brazilian jiu jitsu, including not only the basics, but the more advanced Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques as well. One of the things that you’ll discover throughout this DVD is that you will learn how to develop certain skills, which will help you as you kickbox, and as you do other forms of martial arts. Another thing that you’ll discover is that you will also be able to discover some Brazilian kickboxing exercises which will help you lose weight. I found that these Brazilian kickboxing exercises were effective in helping me to lose weight.

Precision Kickboxing Or Backstage

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One of the most common exercises that you will find in both of these kickboxing DVDs is what is known as precision kickboxing or backstage. Precision kickboxing is when you thrust your hands towards the opponent’s body with very little movement. With the use of precise kicks, you can attack your opponent’s body with power, and with less range than your attacks. This exercise is great for developing both burst power and also endurance.

Jump Ropes

Another thing that you can learn and practice during your workout is jump ropes. Jump ropes are where you place a rope and start swinging it back and forth in an effort to make a circular motion. You will find that jump ropes are a great way to improve your flexibility, endurance, and your range of motion as well. Many people use jump ropes for a cardio workout as well. As you advance through both of these kickboxing routines, you will notice that you are improving both your defense, and your speed.

Bottom Line

Kickboxing DVDs are one of the best ways to stay in shape. You can do your normal cardio workouts, but you can also get into some ground fighting, as well as other moves that will really help to make you feel fit. With so many different parts to these DVD workouts, you can choose the ones that best suit you. Just make sure that you check out the prices, so you don’t end up paying way too much for a workout DVD that doesn’t really deliver on its promises. You don’t have to spend all of your time looking for a kickboxing workout DVD, and just look for the one that has all of the most popular moves. Once you find that DVD, you can start using it and begin a new routine that will keep you going.

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