Kickboxing Training Workout Sessions You Need For A Healthy Kick

kickboxing training workout

Kickboxing workouts require very high-energy because it combines martial arts techniques with heart-pumping cardio which is very hard to perform. Kickboxing training workout gets a total body workout that means it can help you whip yourself into shape in no time. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or not. Undertaking a kickboxing training workout once per week can help you a lot in feeling re-energized. It can reduce stress, boost confidence level, improve coordination, burn mega calories, and boost energy. It is an ideal cross-training workout that can help you attain a better posture as well. If you are interested in a kickboxing training workout, you can follow the regime given below.

Kickboxing Training Workout Sessions – Round one

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After some warm-up, you can begin with round one of the kickboxing training workout. It includes four jumping jacks with four jabs with the right hand, then repeats on the side for the first step. Next, you need to make lunges with a front kick. Start with right leg forward, and one lunge followed by a left front kick and repeat. Stay on one side for the first time through, then switch to the other side. The next step is three shuffles, followed by one burpee for both sides. Then you have to do a squat with a sidekick. And last you need to high knees as fast as possible.

Kickboxing Training Workout Sessions – Round two

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After completing round one of the kickboxing training workouts, take some rest so that you can prepare yourself for round two. It includes a burpee followed by eight fast punches as the first exercise regime. Then you need to do a push-up and then hold the plank position as you pull the right knee toward the chest, followed by the left knee. The next step in power squats is followed by the next step that is a single-leg deadlift. Complete the second round with mountain climbers as fast as possible for 50 seconds.

Kickboxing Training Workout Sessions – Round three

For the final round of kickboxing training workout, there are five main steps. First is the round kicks, and you have to do as many as possible. The next step is triceps push-ups, starting on your knees or toes; however, you feel comfortable with the wrists under the shoulder. Lower the upper body down to the floor and keep the elbows tight to the body. Return to the starting position and repeat. The third step is punch-out, and you are supposed to perform them as fast as possible. The next step is plie squats with biceps curls. Finally, complete the whole training with jumping jacks or stair jacks.


Many people perform kickboxing training workouts. It might be a bit hard, but it is very beneficial for the body. When you focus on kickboxing training workout sessions, it is not only about the strength training but it also becomes regular workout type exercises, making you not only strong but also healthy. There are multitude of advantages you can expect when you are doing kickboxing training and we strongly recommend that you focus on expert help if you are starting new.

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