Importance Of Fitness Gear Resistance Bands

fitness gear resistance bands

Resistance bands have proved to be of great value when it comes to building muscle in the body. These bands provide intensity so that you can build your muscle better. They are also safer in comparison to weights. Resistance training is great for both- losing as well as gaining weight.

You can do resistance training on an everyday basis simply because it is impossible to train all your muscles in just one workout session. For beginners, however, three times a week is sufficient. It is important that you follow a gradual overloading approach when it comes to resistance training. The best part about using

Top Exercises Using Fitness Gear Resistance Bands

A person swinging a racket at a ball

1. Push-ups-

2. Glute bridge-

3.Standing biceps curl-

4. Squats-

5. Ankle jumping jacks-

Incline chest press-


A person standing posing for the camera

All these exercises are best perform with

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