HIIT Exercises: Know About The Best Ones

HIIT Exercises: Know About The Best Ones

HIIT exercises are high-intensity interval training used to burn fat quickly. The most important thing that you need to do is, choose exercises that help you to perform high-intensity training. Let’s find out 10 best exercises that you can try in your high-intensity interval training routine.

HIIT Exercises

High-intensity exercise is really effective when it comes to getting lean, burn fat, and they are also beneficial for overall health.

Push-Ups And Hand-Release

Firstly, start the exercise through a standard push up position. After that, try to drop your body completely on the floor. Now, try to lift your hands from the ground just for a second. Try to exhale and push your body to the original position. In case if you want to try some modification, then you can drop onto your knees.

HIIT Exercises: Know About The Best Ones
HIIT Exercises: Know About The Best Ones

Plyo Push-Ups

This also starts with a push-up position. Here, you need to lower your body and lie on the floor. Now try hard and perform a complete push off from the floor. Try to lift hands from the ground before coming back to the push-up position. Moreover, you can modify the position by dropping on your knees.

HIIT Exercises: Russian Twists

Just sit on the floor and try to touch your heels to the floor. You can also try to sit with your heels raised. Start by placing your hands on the chest and start twisting from one side to another.

Single-Leg Burpees

Start in a lower squat position and keep your hands on the floor. The hands should be in front of the feet and try to jump back with your feet. Only one foot should be touching the floor. Finally, bring the feet back into your hands and try to jump in the air.

Supermans And Lateral Raises

Lie on your stomach and try to lift your legs along with your arms. Try to squeeze your back along with glutes while raising your legs. Now, try to pull your elbows down and come back to the starting position.

Lateral Lunges And Hops

Step to side using the left leg and perform a lateral lunge. Here, the right leg should be straight. Try to keep the left leg at an angle of 90-degrees and hop using the right leg.


Start by lying on your back, keep the arms straight and start crunching your legs. The legs should be crunched to the chest and in the meantime, you need to lift your back from the floor. Finally, by balancing on glutes you should grab your legs.

Mountain Climbers

Start with a high plank position and place the shoulders on your wrists. So, start driving each knee towards the chest with one knee at a time and move your legs as if you are running.

Plank Jacks

Start with a lower plank by keeping the feet at hip-width apart. Start hoping, so that your feet go much wider than the hip-width. Hence, again hop back into the original position. Here, you need to keep your core and abs tight.

Squat Thrusts

HIIT Exercises: Know About The Best Ones
HIIT Exercises: Know About The Best Ones

Start in a standing position and drop your hands to the floor. Now, kick the feet back and come to plank position. Try hopping with your feet back and then come back to the original position.

HIIT Exercises: Bottom Line

These are some of the best HIIT exercises that you can include in your routine.

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