Follow These Group Fitness Instructor Tips To Transform Your Career

group fitness instructor tips

Researching new workout ideas, keeping up-to-date with exercise trends, and trying things out to see if they work for your class. As a new instructor or seasoned veteran, it’s easy to make mistakes that can destroy your business. Mistakes might only cost you pennies, but can you afford to lose customers because of them? Group Fitness Instructor Tips will help you minimize mistakes by providing actionable tips. It shows you how to make sure your classes are a hit with your customers. The tips apply to any group exercise class, not just Zumba.

 Learn The Right Way To Warm Up Your Class

If you’re a fitness instructor, it’s essential to know the proper way to warm up your class. Warm-ups are about more than just getting your muscles warm. They’re also about getting your mind ready for the workout to come. The metabolism rate often determines the success of a workout. The more calories your body burns during exercise, the more fat your body will burn during a break from working out. This drop in metabolism happens because of a decrease in your resting metabolic rate (RMR). RMR helps determine whether you’re an overweight couch potato or a fit athlete.

Design A Challenging Class That Will Get Results

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When designing a challenging class, the most important thing to know is that your students will likely be in various stages of their fitness journey, and you don’t want to push them too hard. You want to push them enough that they’re challenged, but not so much that they’re injured or burned out.

See What Happens

A group fitness instructor in her mid-30s who asked not to use her last name for privacy reasons had her beginner’s course kicked off because she was prescribed less than optimal exercise regimens. “I ended up not adjusting my approach too much,” she remembers. “The first few weeks were a little tough because I had gotten so much feedback on my previous classes, but I felt great after giving my students what they needed to hear.”


Accountability is also an essential aspect of providing quality group fitness classes. If a class is poorly managed, you may lose your students’ trust. So how do you hold a class accountable? Offering accountability is as easy as posting accountability reminders on social media and having a schedule ready to post the night before the class so that you’re able to respond to feedback quickly.

How Can You Make It a Positive Experience?

A well-run fitness class is a positive experience for your participants. If you don’t provide that, they’ll quickly see how poorly run your class is, making it less likely that they’ll want to attend again. If they don’t like a class or instructor, they’ll likely brush it off and ignore it until something better comes along.

Closing With This Impactful Tip: Use Music In Your Classes

Music is an excellent motivator for your classes. It can make your class feel more upbeat and help your students get into the right mindset for a positive and effective workout. It’s important to remember that different music will be more effective at different points during a class. Find the tricks that your past self didn’t know. Better yet, pick some of the tried-and-true moves that non-beginners will benefit from. They will help you move better, work on your balance and core muscles, boost your confidence and push you towards nailing each rep.

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