Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack – Why You Need One

fitness gear pro bench

Fitness equipment is not always the most intuitive of products, and the Pro Bench from Fitness Gear is no exception. Constructed with a durable heavy-duty steel framework and offering 22 separate resistance levels – the Fitness Gear Pro Olympic Weight Bench allows you to tailor your workout to target specific muscles for maximum convenience and versatility. This great new workout tool is a must have for serious fitness enthusiasts. Made to meet high-performance standards, the Pro Bench provides outstanding performance in a professional-grade design. Every detail is covered by the Company’s five-year warranty for all Fitness Gear products.

An Overview

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Fitness Equipment’s defining feature is its adjustable and versatile platform. The Pro Bench is offered in three standard sizes to fit all of your workouts. Each version is equipped with its own rack and chain. The adjustable feature allows you to easily adjust the weight bench’s tension, backrest height, and seat depth for safe, comfortable use. In addition to being able to adjust the weights themselves, the platform is also fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of workout exercises. In other words, the Fitness Gear Pro Weight Bench offers the very best in workout equipment flexibility and versatility.

One more feature of the Fitness Gear Pro Bench that sets it apart from its competitors is its attached bench safety. While all Fitness Gear benches are very safe when used for free weights and exercises, many are lacking in the safety of an attached bench. The Fitness Gear Pro attached bench has been designed with the same safety precautions as all of their other fitness gear benches, and they have built in safety j-hooks to minimize risk of injury. An additional feature of the Fitness Gear Pro attached bench safety j-hooks is that they are designed to keep the bar on the weight bench at all times to ensure that you are doing safe exercises. For those who perform free weight workouts often, this added safety is a huge advantage in any fitness program.

Fitness Gear Pro Facts

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While all fitness gear pro benches have the same standard features, each model differs somewhat in setup. Most have two or three barbells and one or two safety j-hooks, but some are setup with one bar, one safety j-hook, and one or two barbells. These benches have the standard setup and are quite easy to set up even by beginners. You just plug it in and start using.

Some fitness gear pro benches have extra features to add flexibility to your workouts. If you’re just looking for simple, basic exercises to tone and build, you can just plug it in, get comfortable, and start working out. But if you’re into more advanced workouts, you’ll want to set the safety j-hooks so that your hands won’t slip off during your exercises. The safety j-hooks are fully adjustable so that they will hook up to most weight bars and most fitness equipment. They also have a cable system that allows you to adjust the tension of the hook, which is useful for people who have difficulties with their hands.

Other benches have extra features you might not need. One such feature is the ability to add other exercises and workouts on the same bar. For example, if you already had a leg extension exercise and you wanted an additional chest workout, you could add that onto the gym’s machine. This is a feature many machines have, but you can easily add your own exercises onto the rack. You can easily find the gear pro attachment for your machine and then just make sure the rack is connected to your gym’s machine to use it.

In The End

When you buy fitness gear, make sure that it is easy to assemble. The fitness gear for half rack has a basic step-by-step assembly process that shows you how to put it all together. It even comes with an instructional video that walks you through putting the rack together. The equipment is heavy duty and designed to last for many years, so it won’t be easy to tear it apart in a few months. Once you put it together, it will probably take you less than a week to assemble it all.

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