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fitness gear power tower

Fitness Gear Power Tower is an all in one exercise equipment that is perfect for fitness freaks. It functions as multiple machines and can be used for different types of exercise equipment in one item. Fitness Gear Power Tower is a multipurpose tool. It is most effective for the core body. It greatly enhances the exercises to obtain firm and well defined abdominal muscles. It helps to build muscle.

Fitness Gear Power Tower

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Power tower exercises are excellent to train your back, but they also strengthen your shoulders and biceps. It is easy to use pull up bar. It is detachable and will enable you to adjust however you want. Securing the Back pad to the lower portion of the power tower will ease up sit-ups. It includes collapsible dip bars for adjustment. It is effortless to assemble, also few power towers are pre-assembled. This power tower is very stable and safe to use. Fitness Gear Power Tower will take your workout routine to a whole new level. It is very compact and doesn’t take much space. It will fit It is best for people planning to build a gym at home.

Can Be Used For?

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Fitness Gear Power Tower can be used for various types of exercise for strengthening the body core. Workouts that include lifting our weight can be performed effortlessly on Fitness Gear Power Tower. Read the user module thoroughly before use. One can perform more than 20 possible exercises like-

Pull up



Leg Raise

Knee Raise

Tricep Dips.

Verticle abs

Shoulder push-ups


One leg squat



Explosive dips, etc.


To enhance the workout effect Fitness Gear Power Tower has many features like that –


63’’ L x 38’’ W x 85’’H. It is long and wide enough for workouts. It is compact yet comfortable to use.


Fitness Gear Power Tower can be adjusted with other tools depending on the type of workout.

Strong steel body

It has a strong steel body that is enough to bear more than average human weight without breaking. It is durable.

Arm Grip

Super Strong rubber hand grip for a firm hold.


Black vinyl with silver accents covers the arm and back pads. At the end of the arm-pads, there are two horizontal dipping bars and two vertical handlebars.


Fitness Gear Power Tower withstand great weights. The compact size makes it easy to fit in small places. It is easy to assemble and use. Fitness Gear Power Tower can be moved easily from place to place without much effort. It is a great piece of equipment for home gyming. It is durable and multi-functional. Along with toning the core body, it has many other benefits like-

Saves a lot of space


Compact dimension




Great stability

Compatible with other gym equipment, etc.


Fitness Gear Power Tower is hardy, functional, and perfect for any beginner who wishes for a convenient workout. It is an all in one tool for a greater variety of exercises. It will make house-training more effective, without feeling the need of going to an actual gym.

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