Boxing Shoulder Workout You Should Try Out Today

boxing shoulder workout

For boxers shoulder workout is most important. The power of each punch comes from the shoulder itself. They need to keep their shoulders stable and hard. When any boxer makes a defense the stability of the shoulder help to resist the punch. So let’s know about boxing shoulder workout and train your shoulder like boxers.

Workouts for Shoulders

One has to spend serious time on their shoulders to make it boxing ready. So let’s start.

Dumbbell punches are one of the best ways to start. The weight will help you to gain stability on your shoulders. You can use 10 pounds each hand and do 10 to 15 sets of punches. In this case, the uppercut will be the most effective one. In between, two sets work on your defense with the weights.

The second is the shoulder press. This press works on all power of your punches. Consult your instructor for the weights. Use as heavy you can and push them upward until they are overhead straight and then take them down to shoulder level. Ten reps will be enough of it.

Lateral raises work on different parts of your shoulder. Use light weights to strengthen the muscle. Do a swift movement from down to the parallel to your shoulder. Five pounds will be enough for this workout. Ten reps and three sets of it will be enough. 

The last one is Bag work. It’s a staple of the shoulder workout. It will work on your speed and hand-eye coordination. Start from slow and go faster. Between punches work on your defense. Take help from a partner for an intense burn and also work out.


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Often the question comes if women can do the same workouts or not. A simple and straight answer is yes. These workouts all are very intense and scalable. So you can just do all of these according to your ability. It not only will work on your shoulders but these are great for burning calories. 

Boxing is a full-body intense workout without the basis of gender and it doesn’t essentially need someone to be a professional boxer. It will build such strength in you that will help you in daily life and feeling powerful, strong is not wrong for anyone.

Common Mistakes

The boxing shoulder working is great in all aspects but you need to do it correctly and for it, you have to avoid mistakes.

The very first mistake is throwing out hands. That can cause serious injuries like shoulder muscle pull and tearing tissues. When you are punching, don’t keep your body static. Move it.

Don’t forget about your stance. Try not to break. Stance is important for proper growth and also breaking it can make you clumsy.

If you are punching with your right hand don’t keep the left one down. Keep them always up

Not only hands but footwork also matter. If you want to generate good power in your punches, your feet should be wide apart from your shoulders.

When you are punching, don’t hold your breath. Breathe properly to not feel clumsy and generate power.


So if you are going to a boxing shoulder workout be ready for heavy cardio. But before doing it you might be doing some known exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, shadow boxing, kicks, crunches, and running. 

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