Best Fitness Half Racks For You

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For close locations, fitness half racks are a wonderful option. They perform the same functions but are far smaller. Even yet, several characteristics make them better suited for certain lifters. 

Cap Fitness Half Rack

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This CAP half rack is a good, budget-friendly option for a home gym. This power rack allows a maximum load of 600 lbs in terms of functionality and basic utilization. With a total weight rating of 300 pounds, it has a very limited bar catch—something to keep in mind if you want to go over this weight range. This unit does have some good features, though.

Fitness Reality

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Fitness Reality’s choice is reasonably priced. This power rack’s base functionality includes an 800-pound weight capacity, 1-inch hole spacing on the uprights, and a total of 19 height adjustments to install the spotter arm and J hooks onto. This rack has the conventional pull-up bar as a feature. This one, unlike others, comes with a landmine attachment that can be put on either side of the lower frame.

Rogue HR-2

The Rogue HR-2 is a top-of-the-line heavy-duty option. It resembles a power rack with a shallow depth of (17 inches). When working out with the safeties, use a deep workout area. This design allows the user to lift either inside the enclosed workout area or outside the unit using safety. The pull-up bar is included in the standard model. The consumer has the option of upgrading to the storage peg attachments.

Rugged Half Rack

The structure and weight capacity rating are the selling points of this robust half rack. The Y120 is rated for 1000 pounds of weight, comparable to Rogue’s alternatives, and it does it at a lower cost. The spotter arms and j-cups are included in the base model.

Marcy MWM 7041

Marcy is another company that focuses on creating things that may be used in a variety of ways. MWM 7041, their half cage squat system, is their take on a multi-purpose home gym all-in-one station. While the unit has a wider footprint than most other items on our list, half of it is dedicated to a half-rack build. The bar catches on the frame are rated for a 300-pound weight capacity and have a total of 16 locations.

Rogue SML-1 Squat Stand

This alternative is a squat stand, but it’s essentially a tiny half-rack with the addition of safety spotter arms. This item has a lower clearance height (72 inches) “tall) for people with low ceilings or who don’t want to use the pull-up bar that comes with the squat rack. The spotter arms that come with the addon are 24 inches long. The Westside Hole Spacing is included.

To Sum Up,

Make sure your safety arms are long enough. In the event of a failed rep, you’ll want plenty of room to grab the bar quickly. To protect the fitness half rack from toppling, put some weight on it. Half racks with weight horns are an excellent choice for this reason.

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