Best Ab Workouts That Women Should Try

Best Ab Workouts That Women Should Try

There are numerous ways in which workouts can help you work on the abs. But, when it comes to lower abs workouts, the majority of the women feel that they are harder to do. This is the reason why upper oblique and abs get more attention when compared to the lower abs. However, there are many popular exercises and you need to find suitable ab workouts for women.

If we look properly, there is technically no separation between lower abs and upper abs exercises. The most important thing is that a workout should provide work for all your core muscles. It should also provide effectively target the lower section of the abdominis.

The most important thing is you should always start with a warm-up and these exercises should focus on the core. Initially, you need to make a list of all kinds of abs workouts or exercises that you can perform. However, the exercises you choose should provide you with an effective core workout along with your lower abs. Add a few such exercises into your regular routine and follow the routine properly.

Ab Workouts For Women

Best Ab Workouts That Women Should Try
Best Ab Workouts That Women Should Try

So, here are few ab workouts that are really helpful for women and they focus on lower ab.

Dead Bug

  • Lie down in a face-up position. Arms should be extended and should be pointing towards the ceiling. Try to keep both legs in the perfect tabletop position.
  • Start extending your right leg and drop your left arm over the head. Keep both arm and leg a few inches off the ground. Try squeezing your butt along with keeping the core completely engaged. Here, the lower back should be pressed onto the floor.
  • Bring back of your leg and arm to the original position.
  • Repeat the same thing on the other side as well


Lie down in face-up position and keep your arms and legs extended on the floor. Try to keep your arms near the ears, contract abs by pressing your lower back to the ground. This is the beginning position of this exercise

For the next step, point your toes and squeeze the thighs together. Try to engage the glutes and lift your legs. Now, try to reach the feet through your hands and at this point body should be in a V-format

Here the most important thing is you need to do is keep the core engaged and slowly come back to the original position

Mountain Climber

  • Start with a high plank position and keep your palms flat on the floor. So, here the hands should be kept shoulder-apart. Shoulders should be kept stacked above the wrists and legs should be in the extended position.
  • The core should be engaged and draw your right knee towards the chest.
  • Now come back to the original position and immediately draw your left knee towards the chest.
Best Ab Workouts That Women Should Try
Best Ab Workouts That Women Should Try

Ab Workouts: Final Thoughts

Finally, these are some of the exercises that can be included in the list of abs workouts for women. Moreover, these exercises can be followed easily and they are best for maintaining your abs.

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