Beginners Kickboxing Workout Plan

beginners kickboxing workout

Have you been thinking of trying kickboxing but are unsure of your kickboxing workout plan? If so, this short article will provide you with three different kinds of kickboxing workout plans to choose from. It is important that you choose a workout that you find enjoyable and that you will be able to stick with for the long term. Also, be sure to do some research into what your body can handle before beginning any exercise routine. Here are the three main types of kickboxing workout plans that you can choose from.

Kickboxing Workout Plan

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For Beginners, kickboxing workout plans are ideal for people who are new to the world of kickboxing and have not yet built up a sweat. This kickboxing workout plan will focus on building up all your muscles in your legs and upper body. You will work out with free weights and you may also add weights to your workout mat to build up your core strength. You can also use a regular fitness ball as a substitute. As you progress through the beginners kickboxing workout plan, you will move towards using weight machines and resistance equipment.

For Beginners kickboxing workout plans often incorporate some form of cardio into their routines. As you get more confident in your kickboxing skills, you may want to progress to heavier weights. You will then be able to take it to the next level by upping the weights and challenging yourself with more challenging kickboxing exercises. Be sure to do plenty of cardio and aerobics before advancing to heavier weights and you will be rewarded with a larger muscles, greater endurance, and more explosive power.

Inclusions In Beginners Kickboxing Workout Plan

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For Beginners kickboxing workout plans often involve a combination of kicks, punches, and elbows in the workout. These techniques are an essential component of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) martial art of combat. Learning these kicks will help you develop your boxing strength and coordination. You will also benefit from developing hand-eye coordination, improving your balance and coordination, and building the self-confidence that will allow you to advance to the next level of kickboxing.

Try The Spar

Another common exercise included in kickboxing exercise programs is the “spar” exercise. This exercise targets your triceps and forearms. You should focus on doing sets of three to five spar exercises. This is not a cardiovascular workout, but you will still be building up your stamina. The kickboxing workout plan should include at least one spar exercise per week.

o Another common exercise included in many kickboxing workout plans is the circuit training. In a typical circuit, you will perform kickboxing exercises of varying levels, accompanied by circuit training. Examples of circuit training could include a circuit that has one minute on, one minute off, two minutes on, four minutes off, and two minutes on. The kicks you use in these exercises are designed to simulate an actual kick in a kickboxing match.


It’s important to remember that even though kickboxing is an excellent way to exercise and get in shape, you should still be careful. Just like with most workouts, you should always consult your doctor before beginning a kickboxing workout plan. Do not participate in any kickboxing that would be dangerous for you, whether that is via sparring or through strikes to the head. Always remember that being safe is better than being sorry!

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