5 Things To Consider When Buying Workout Suit

Things You Should Consider When Buying A Workout Suit or Activewear Set

Are you often distracted while doing yoga poses because your tee rides up? Or your shorts slide down as you do squats at the gym? If yes, it’s high time to walk into a sportswear store and grab the right workout suit. The right workout suit is the one that offers you the utmost comfort, doesn’t restrict movement, and looks stylish. As finding a good suit can be tricky, here are some considerations that will help pick the right one.


Always choose a soft and breathable fabric for your workout clothes. Fabrics like Lycra, spandex, polypropylene, and polyester will absorb the sweat and keep you cool as you perform movements. You can go for cotton if you engage in light workout or exercises such as stretching, walking, or light jogging. No doubt cotton is soft and comfortable; it can feel heavy on the body after becoming sweaty.

5 Things To Consider When Buying Workout Suit
5 Things To Consider When Buying Workout Suit


With a plethora of brands out there, picking one can be tricky. It’s wise to choose a reputable brand that offers the type of apparel designs you are looking for. You can choose brands like Nike, Adidas, or Zella if you prefer simple sportswear in solid designs. If you want fashionable prints, you can shop from brands like Vie Active, Sweaty Betty, and Lululemon.


Choose the right fit for the activewear set you are buying. The right fit will depend on your body dimensions and personal taste. Although you may prefer loose clothing or vice-versa, it is advisable to choose the fit as per your workout type. For instance – if you engage in yoga, strength training, cardio, or high-intensity interval training, it’s good to look for tight-fitted sportswear. Further, if you are into a light workout like walking or running, you can opt for loose sports apparel.

Well, you don’t have to pick too-tight fitted clothes as they can restrict movement during yoga, Pilates session, etc. Also, if you are cycling, wear shorts instead of long pants. Further, you should avoid a workout suit with shorts that can leave you exposed while you do squats or deadlifts.

Women should also pay attention to the fit while shopping for a sports bra. Know your correct size and then pick the type of sports bra as per your dimensions. Remember your sports bra should provide enough support to your assets without chafing your seams, shoulders, or arms.


Buying Activewear Set
5 Things To Consider When Buying Workout Suit

No matter whether you are buying sportswear for gym, sports, or yoga classes, it should be comfortable enough so that you can spend several hours in it. The comfort will also depend on the fit you choose for your workout clothes. So, make sure you pick clothes that are neither too loose nor too tight.


A high-quality workout suit can be expensive so you need to shop wisely. Buy a pair or two that will last longer. You can buy some tees and pair them up with the same shorts or pants every day. Or you can invest in a suit that has a fitted top, sports bra, and leggings. During winters, you can add a jacket or vest to your workout suit.

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