5 Kickboxing Workouts For Beginners To Try!

Kickboxing Workouts For Beginners

Kickboxing is the best way to beat your gym blues. If you are fed up with running on the treadmill, then kickboxing is the best workout that you can try. It helps you tone your muscles, blast your body fat, and boost your cardiovascular health. However, kickboxing can be quite intimidating for beginners as the gym might make them feel lost. There are a few kickboxing workouts for beginners that they can try. Here are 5 kickboxing workouts for beginners that will help that start their journey towards their fitness goals. There are some simple ways in which you can improve your cardio kickboxing to achieve the best results.

One-Two Combo 

Best Kickboxing Workouts For Beginners
Best Kickboxing Workouts For Beginners

For this workout, you have to stand in the boxing stance and out your non-dominant foot forward. You have to place both your feet at hip-width and your fists near your chin. First, throw a fast punch with your dominant fist and then repeat the same but harder with your non-dominant arm. You have to keep a check on the number of punches that you can throw with your wrists tight and your grip hard. This will improve the strength of your arms and help you build your stamina so that you can kickbox for a longer time.

Side Kick Squats 

Top Kickboxing Workouts For Beginners
Top Kickboxing Workouts For Beginners

If you are tired of the normal squats, then this one is for you! For this one, you need to stand at a ninety-degree angle to the punching bag( if you do not own one, no worries, just imagine one is in front of you). You have to get them back foot towards the dominant foot and then lift it sideways and kick the punching bag( or the imaginary one). This will break the monotony of a squat and help you improve the strength in your legs so that you can kick better.

Sit-Up Punches

For this exercise, you have to sit with your legs on either side of the punching bag and place your hips at the maximum closeness to the base of the punching bag. In this position, perform a sit up and hold yourself to an angle of 45 degrees. Punch the bag at this angle at least 10 times and return to your original position. This is the best exercise to tone your core and strengthen it up for some kickboxing lessons.


This kickboxing move is very simple yet it is hard enough to engage your body and give you a good workout. For this, you have to bring your fist down towards your ribs with your palm facing upwards. After this, squeeze obliques and rotate your upper body and then give a hard punch to your punching bag or the imaginary one.

Front Kick

This kickboxing move is a fundamental one that helps you enhance your cardio fitness. For this move, you have to place your fists near your face and your left foot in front and shift the weight to your left foot. Then, raise the left foot and then flex it and keep the heel towards the glutes. After this, kick your leg straight out from your hip and let your heel lead the kick. Bring back the food quickly and then resume the stance that you were in.


These are 5 kickboxing workouts for beginners that will help them start their fitness journey easily. If you are not going to the gym, you can practice these moves at home as these do not require any equipment. You can also get your own punching bag and try these moves on and become a pro with practice.

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