5 Fall Fitness Tips For Fitness Lovers

fall fitness tips

5 Fall Fitness Tips For Fitness Lovers

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Fall is the time of the year when you have a good opportunity to get back on your fitness routine, especially if you are a mother, because it is also the time when school opens after summer vacation, and you have plenty of time to focus on your health and fitness. So here are some important tips which could assist you to restart your healthy routine and would also help you to stay consistent during the whole journey.

First tip:

Find the reason:

So think about the reason that why you want to start a fall fitness routine; is it because you are a fitness freak and want to get in a perfect body shape again after vacations, want to be a strong woman, or because of many years of unhealthy eating and sedentary routine now finally, you have realized that from now on you should lead a healthy life and wish to become a healthy person. To find the “why” thing, the more powerful your “why,” the more it will help you to stay consistent throughout the whole journey.

Second tip

Set the routine:

Set the routine for exercise and cooking healthy meals; if you are a mother plus a working woman, then it would be difficult for you to do a workout after coming back from work, so the best time to do a workout is early in the morning before breakfast when children are not awake yet, and you can do your exercise peacefully. Also, do some preparations for cooking at weekends, i.e., clean and cut the vegetables, fruits, and meat and put them in the freezer so when you cook during weekdays, you don’t have to cut them, and it will save your time, and you can focus on yourself. Sleep 7-8 hours at night, so it will help you to recover your energy in muscles and prevent you from gaining weight.

Third tip

Try new exercises

Ok, after starting your exercise routine, try to add new exercises like crunches, cardio, pilates, yoga stretching, etc. Because this will help you to stay consistent, make you stronger, will burn more calories, increase your knowledge regarding different exercises, and most of all, you won’t get bore by doing the same workout every day.

Fourth tip:

Find a partner

Having a partner with you during walking, jogging, and other physical activity will help you to stay motivated because you both will motivate each other during the exercise, and this will also help to pass the time easily during the workout, and you won’t get bored. And whenever you try to skip a workout, you will think about the very motivated partner, then suddenly you jump from the bed and go out with him/her. Also, try new outdoor areas for your workout as it will enhance your mood.

Fifth tip:

Healthy diet:

The last tip is to eat a healthy diet; include all the seasonal fruits and vegetables in your meal. Follow the USDA food pyramid, which provides the serving of 5 food groups. Eat small frequent meals throughout the day, 3 meals and 3 healthy snacks, make your breakfast before 10:30, your dinner should be before 7:30 because the more you eat your dinner late, the more your body will store the food as fat, keep your meal as simple as possible.


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Also, eat the cheat meal once in two weeks because this will also help you to stay motivated during your journey; otherwise, you will binge eat on bad food.

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