5 Days Women’s Workout Routine For Gym

It is not unusual to find women in the gym alongside men these days. Although some women still preferred to do their workouts at home, there are perks to going to your nearest gym beyond the usual social call. Working out for not more than five times a week is an excellent habit, too. You can check out this women’s workout routine for gym to avoid wasting gym day with a random and ineffective workout. Also, do not forget to warm up first before starting your session.

Chest Day

For the first day of your gym week, it is good to work on your chest routines. Do dumbbell flat bench press and incline bench press for twelve reps and four sets each. Follow this with dumbbell incline flys for another twelve reps and four sets. Finish with the bench press machine for one set, as many as you can.

Core and Arms Day

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On the second day, you can start by doing planks for thirty seconds, four sets, followed by twenty reps of scissor kicks, two sets. Finish this with dumbbell curls for twelve reps, four sets, and cross-body hammer curls for as many as possible.

Back Day

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This day does not mean going back to old habits day. Let’s get rid of those! This women’s workout routine for gym will build your discipline too, and even if your body wants you to skip gym day, you still will not miss a back day. You can do twelve reps for your back day, four sets each of straight down pulldowns, seated close grip rows, lat pulldowns, and lat pullover.

Shoulder Day

You are almost done through your gym week, and what better way to go through this than to do some shoulder workouts. For twelve reps and four sets each, it’s time for dumbbell shoulder press, machine shoulder press, side lateral raise, and dumbbell shrugs.

Leg Day

It is the last day of your five-day gym week, and although you are dying for some lazy day, you can never skip leg day. For your legs workout, start with walking lunges for twenty reps, two sets. Then, do twenty reps, four sets of standing calf raises, leg curls, and leg extensions.

Enjoy these workouts to help you get and stay in shape. These can be tiring, so make sure you pack your water bottle when you visit the gym. Also, know your body! If you think the exercises are too hard for you, you can lessen the reps or do an alternative. After all your workouts for the day, do not forget to cool down. It is important to cool down after a workout because it brings your temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure back to normal. 

Everybody’s schedule is different, so plot this women’s workout routine for gym on the days that work best for you. More importantly, making time to go to the gym will guarantee your success in achieving your ideal body.

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