5 Best Back Workouts For Women

5 Best Back Workouts For Women That Will Woo You

Back workouts are popular among women due to a variety of reasons. However, in most cases, women concentrate on the butt, thighs, legs, and abs workouts. The reason is, these workouts result in a good appearance that they actually expect. However, back is the most important part of the body that needs exercise. Let’s look into some of the back workouts for women that are really easy to follow and effective as well.

Back Workouts For Women

So, here are a few exercises that you can consider for your back workout.

Single-Arm Bent-Over Row

5 Best Back Workouts For Women That Will Woo You
5 Best Back Workouts For Women
  • Stand straight and the feet should be kept shoulder-width apart.
  • Try to bend your knees.
  • After that, you should try to bend forward from hips followed by lowering your chest along with the direction of the floor.
  • One arm should hang directly from shoulders and the palm should face your body.
  • You should try to pull the dumbbell and brace your core towards your rib cage.
  • After that, squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Now, pause and start with your lower back.
  • Perform at least 20 reps for this exercise.

Single-Arm Underhand Bent-Over Row

  • In the beginning, start with the standing position.
  • The feet should be shoulder-width apart by keeping them little bent.
  • Bend forward and one of the arms should hand from your shoulders.
  • Keep the palms facing up so that it is towards the ceiling.
  • You should embrace your pull and core the dumbbell towards the cage of the rib.
  • Squeeze your shoulder as much as possible.
  • Pause and start with your lower back.
  • Lastly, you need to perform 20 reps.

Single-Arm Overhand Bent-Over Row

  • Firstly, start the exercise in standing position and keep feet just at should-width
  • Keep your knees little bent
  • Try to bend towards the floor and keep one arm hanging
  • Palms should be up but they should face ground
  • Try to brace your core and dumbbell should be pulled in the direction of the rib cage
  • You need to make sure that you are squeezing your shoulder blades.
  • Stop and give pause. Later start with lower back
  • On both the sides, you should be doing 20 reps in this exercise

Good Morning

  • Initially, hold a pair of dumbbells near your shoulders, stand straight and start the exercise by keeping the feet at shoulder width.
  • Your palms must be facing forward.
  • You need to keep your knees a little bent at the same time, your torso straight.
  • After that, try to bend forward from your hips slowly and steadily.
  • Make sure that the upper body is exactly parallel to the floor.
  • Hold for 5-6 seconds and then come back to the original position.
  • Finally, try to perform 20 reps.

Bottom Line

5 Best Back Workouts For Women That Will Woo You
5 Best Back Workouts For Women

Finally, it is very important to pick a few exercises that mainly concentrate on your back. So, whenever you plan for a fitness routine check with the trainer about the back workouts. Especially for women, back issues are common and should be given the highest priority. However, if you are already suffering from back issues, then you need to check with your physician once before starting the workout.

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