4 Different Type Of Fitness Gear Bands And Their Uses

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There are many different fitness gear bands in the market, but with many things in life, they all are not created the same way equally. They all have different kinds of resistance levels that may vary in quality and price. In this article, we will discuss various kinds of fitness gear bands. These bands have different purposes and are versatile in many ways. So let’s get started to know about five different types of fitness gear bands. 

4 Different Fitness Gear Bands

Power Resistance Fitness Gear Bands

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These are like massive rubber bands; they are flat loops that can be used for various purposes. You can use these power resistance fitness gear bands for bodyweight assistance like dips, pull-ups, muscle-ups. Bodyweight resistance like box jumps, push-ups, bear crawls, etc. Full-body workouts like squats, thrusters, shoulder presses, etc. 

This fitness gear band benefits in muscle endurance, muscle strength, hypertrophy, explosiveness, burning fat, flexibility, mobility, and increased range of motion, etc. 

Tube Resistance Fitness Gear Bands

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This band has handles attached to both ends, and they are created to mimic gym equipment like dumbbell exercises. Tube resistance fitness gear bands are great for chest presses, back row, shoulder presses, back rows, and many other exercises that involve pressing and pulling. 

These tube resistance fitness gear bands benefit in muscle strength, improve range of motion, burning fat, rehabilitation, low impact on joints, etc. 

Rubber Mini Fitness Gear Band

These bands are the short version of power resistance loop fitness gear bands. Rubber mini fitness gear bands are much shorter and wider than power resistance bands. These mini-bands are used to increase the stability and strength of the lower body and certain upper body exercises. If you are into calisthenics, then mini bands are all you need to correct forms for movements like muscle ups and handstands. 

Rubber mini fitness gear bands benefit your body in warm-ups, tining and booty workouts, priming properly for low-impact joints, rehabilitation, etc. 

Light Therapy Resistance Fitness Gear Bands

These therapy bands are long, up to 7 feet, and thin. They are light-free bands that mean that they will not loop. Therapy bands are specially made for people who went through injuries and are now regaining strength. It is also helpful for elderly people who are into low-impact workouts and women for toning their muscles. Not only this, but they are also effective when combined with fat burner workouts and Pilates. 

Light therapy resistance fitness gear bands benefit in rehabilitation and physical therapy, flexibility, muscle toning, muscle strengthening, weight loss, etc. 


You can use fitness gear bands where you don’t want to use gym equipment as they are a good substitute for gym equipment. Fitness gear bands can help you stabilize, maintain proper form and get extra activation. 

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