4 Best Atlantis Fitness Equipment

atlantis fitness equipment

Staying fit and healthy will be easier with these Atlantis Fitness Equipment. Although it may seem difficult to be in shape while staying at home but with the right equipment, it might be possible. That’s why here are the 4 best Atlantis Fitness equipment that you should know about. From features to their usage, read about all the interesting details in the below-given pointers. There are dumbbells, treadmills, and other fitness machines to see. 

Tricep Press Down Bicep Curl Machine

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This machine cost about $388. This tricep press-down curl machine can handle a load of up to 300 lbs. There’s a rubber grip attached to it. You can work on building muscles more. The seats are adjustable and compatible. This equipment doesn’t need much space and from a performance perspective, it’s great too. All these features are simply one great value for money. 

Pro Style Dumbbells For 200 Lbs

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These 200 lbs dumbbells are priced at $320 and above. There are two gray and black variants of it. Dumbbells can be upgraded and modified as per need. Now building stamina and muscles will be much easier. If you are a professional then this is the right equipment for you. Overall these Pro Style Dumbbells have amazing quality. It is also one of the popular fitness equipment for home-based workouts. 

Olympic Fat Curl Bar 

You can buy these Olympic Fat Curl Bar at $113 or so. In case you want to build grip strength then it’s the right product or equipment for you. This 48 inches long fat curl bar is around 2 inches in diameter. Both weight plates and collar are included too. There are 8.75 inches of sleeves that hold Olympic plates added in it. There’s only one black-colored variant. In terms of weight capacity, 250 lb is the total of it. Reach your fitness goal with the Olympic Fat Curl Bar.

Steelflex XT-6800 Treadmill

This one is especially for those involved in Cardio Training and Aerobic Training. It will strengthen and improve the rest of the training. The treadmill comes for $2,190 and it’s one of the top models. It is powered by a motor with 2.5 HP and requires a charge of up to 110 volts. The Steelflex XT-6800 Treadmill needs low maintenance and is easy to operate too. 


In the above article, the 4 best Atlantis Fitness equipment are mentioned. The first one is the Tricep Press Down Bicep Curl Machine which is great for building muscles and stamina. Secondly, there are 200 lbs Pro Style Dumbbells that have some amazing quality, and these are very much suitable for professionals. Olympic Fat Curl Bar is good for grip training. If you are involved in Cardio Training and Aerobic Training then do check out the Steelflex XT-6800 Treadmill.

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