3 Kickboxing Workouts With Heavy Bag

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Kickboxing primarily revolves around punching and kicking the opponent. It can impact your body in several positive ways like stress relief, boosting metabolism, weight loss, and much more. Plus, you can use kickboxing for self-defense or any emergency. Below is a kickboxing workout that you can follow with the heavy bag by your side. Heavy bags weigh around 200 pounds and can lie between 3 to 4 meters in length. The most important thing to remember is to stick to the routine. There will be some intervals and give yourself adequate resting time. 

Side-Kick Punches 

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The best method is to start with a basic warm-up session. You can move some muscles by doing squats, jumping, and stretching. Continue it for about 10 to 15 minutes. This should last about one and a half minutes or 90 seconds. The resting time will be 30 seconds or half a minute. There is no limit and you can try any number of times. Begin with 10 reps of kicks from the right side. Then go for 30 punches and prepare the left side for 10 reps. Finish the exercise with 30 continuous punches. Focus on completing the session at your best speed. You are free to repeat the same or move to another workout.

Lunge and Kick Workout

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You have to stand at a distance of your leg from the heavy bag. Now work on a reversal kind of lunge. Use your right foot and most of the burden will fall in the left leg. Next is the kicking part where you have to swing the knee of the right keg. Bring it towards the front for performing a front kick. Here the resting period is 15 seconds. You have to do one workout within 45 seconds. 

Jab, Cross Along With Hook And Uppercut 

Jab where the left fist is put in the direction of the floor. Keep it in a guard position. In the cross, bring your right shoulder and hip in the front. You should settle your right foot or leg inside. The next is a hook and you have to form a 90-degree angle. Start raising your left heel in such a way that all the force gets concentrated on the right side. Don’t forget to maintain the thumb in an upward direction. Now, uppercut where you retain guarding posture and punch with the help of right shoulder and hip.


Kickboxing has certain health benefits and a lot of people try it. There are some workouts that any average person can do in their everyday life. You can utilize your heavy bag for your kickboxing exercises. The above-mentioned article includes some good workout ideas. The list includes side kick punches, lunge, and kick. Lastly, there is a jab, cross along with hook and uppercut. It is vital to take adequate rest or gap between workouts.

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